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Installée à Angers, Karoll réalise des reportages et des portraits pour des collectivités territoriales, des associations des secteurs de l'agriculture biologique, de l'économie solidaire et des PME. Elle s'est également penchée sur le monde de l'artisanat, témoignant de la passion des personnes qu'elle a photographiées pour leur métier. 
Elle couvre de nombreuses situations pour des organisations humanitaires ou pour la presse (Le Figaro, Marie-Claire...) au Danemark, en Pologne, au Maroc, en Mauritanie et au Sénégal.
Karoll pratique aussi la photographie de studio pour des portraits ajustés et compose des packshots de produits d'entreprise.


Author photographer, graduated from a BTS in photography in 2002, she moved to Angers in 2011. Karoll Petit, a member of the collective Iris in Nantes, works on the Human, his shell, his way of being. Her goal has always been to reach the emblematic expression of the people. She began photographing shows and then travelled to meet other cultures. She visited Denmark, Poland, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal.
She has worked for various associations, such as "La Liane", Senegal, which deals with street children, or "Guinea 44" which helps the development of clean water. She then turned to craftsmen, these people who create with their hands. Karoll Petit is attracted to "ordinary" people who yet are part of everyday activists in this world where everything is robotized. Just as those farmers from elsewhere, rather those called "country-men", who value their land and are fighters facing agribusiness. For Karoll, all these people are part of those who wish to respect the Earth. Her photographs are witnesses of those humble people who still are indispensable. She likes photographing them because she feels, absorbs the love they have for their crafts, they are passionate, generous. And she does think these are strong emotions. She likes being upset, shaken.

Karoll Petit

Based in Nantes (France)

Currently in Angers (France)